Brit Magaluf bar worker, 23, took her own life just days before her birthday

An expat bartender working in Magaluf took her own life days before her birthday, an inquest concluded.

Danielle Finlay – known as Dani – was found dead at her flat on the Punta Ballena strip by friends on May 19 last year, with a suicide note left near to her body.

The 23-year-old, from Crewe, Cheshire, appeared “content and happy” immediately prior to her death, according to her mum Mandy, reports Cheshire Live.

In a statement read out by Warrington area coroner Claire Welch today, the grieving mum said her daughter had been on a night out two days before with friends.

She had also been messaging step-mum Lisa about looking forward to birthday plans.

A report from the Civil Guard General Headquarters in Spain confirmed the suicide note was found on the counter in the living area.

The flat was also said to have been in a “perfect condition” and there were no signs of any suspicious circumstances.

Mandy said: “In the immediate period to her passing away, she presented as content and happy.

“There was no indication at all of any low mood in the days leading up to her death and in fact she was making future plans for her birthday.

“She was last spoken to over WhatsApp on May 17, late in the evening. She sent some videos to her stepmother Lisa showing her in a bar, out drinking with some friends.

“She was laughing, happy and didn’t show any signs of low mood.

“The last time Dani spoke to Lisa was just before 11pm on the Sunday night. Lisa had messaged Dani saying ‘I can’t wait for our girly hot tub night’ and Dani replied ‘me too, love you’ with kisses. That was the last point that Dani was on WhatsApp.”

The statement also said Dani had previously been diagnosed with anxiety and that she had attempted an overdose around seven years before her death.

In a post-mortem report from Spain, the date of death was given as May 18 and the cause was recorded as asphyxia by hanging.

A second post-mortem carried out at Leighton Hospital after Dani’s body was repatriated also gave a medical cause of death of 1A hanging.

There was no evidence that any alcohol or drugs played a part in her death.

Recording a conclusion of suicide, Ms Welch said: “From the background information I have from the family, there were no signs that she was planning to do what she did, there was forward planning in terms of looking forward to the hot tub plans for her birthday.

“There were no signs of low mood, far less in the suicidal sense.

“I do note there was past history of an overdose, although it was seven years ago, and there was no reference, as far as the family were aware, of her having any suicidal thoughts.

“But I have to balance that against the circumstances in which Dani was found and also the note that she had left, which makes it appear to me that she was making her intentions clear.

“When I put those pieces of evidence together, it suggests to me an element of forward planning.

“Those features, despite the absence of any external signs to you (the family), satisfy me that unfortunately it is more likely than not that it was her intention to end her life.”